I've been an artist and graphic designer in Austin, Texas for 20 plus years and I have a degree in graphic design. For the past 10 years I've painted on a daily basis as I transitioned from full-time graphic designer to full-time artist.


My mixed media paintings are most often a combination of acrylic paint, collage, pencil and screen printing. Find out more about my paintings and reproductions here. You can watch my 'My Studio Today' videos on my YouTube channel here.


Beginning with themes including nature, animals, birds and energy, my work is a search for positivity. Throughout the process of mixing, remixing, covering and revealing the icons from these themes I transition from being the guide of the work to having the work guide me. This process of guiding and being guided is full of mystery, amazement and excitement for me. Amazing too, how this energy and joy is transmitted to the viewer.


Between myself, my husband, and one employee - Hannah, we do most of this ourselves. For example, I'm writing this copy (thank goodness for spell check), we design and code the web site, make art, make panels to paint, stretch canvas prints, mount greeting panels, design online and printed marketing materials, photograph original work for reproductions, print reproductions, sell, mail, ship, haul, bookeep, answer the iPhone, emails and such. In addition, Barry has at least one 'real job'. Thank goodness! We also two awesome kids (who are all grown up now!).