It can be lonely making art all day and sometimes I can talk myself into, well, just not doing it for one reason or another. Mostly because it's not saving lives or curing cancer and I'm hungry and I have lots of laundry to do. But something that helps me keep productive is positive feedback from others.  Here are some of the amazing things people say to me about my art. I hang on to these, they are like floats when I'm sinking!

Many thanks, 


♦ "Love your birds, somehow you have connected with my soul with your art. Thanks from the bottom of mine!"

♦ "I love Stacked Elephants! I would even use this in my kiddo's room. I just love it! Great work Ms. Judy Paul! Pretty soon every room in my home will have a piece of your art!"

♦ "Wanted to let you know that my City Bird and Receiving Light prints just arrived this morning! I did in fact jump right up on the bed to hang them.They look better than I imagined they would and are perfect with the rest of the decor, though now my boyfriend says we need to buy a new house with higher ceilings to better suit our new art! I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are even 'signed'. If ever I'm in Texas, I'll have to check out a few galleries so I can bask in the glory of the real thing! If I had even an ounce of artistic talent, they are exactly what I would have wanted to make myself, so thanks again for sharing your gift with those of us lacking!"

♦ "I love everything you make...even your daughter, ha ha! As soon as Matt and I move back to Austin we fully intend to invest in more Judy Paul."

♦ "Your work is amazing. Fantastic and so very meaningful."

♦ "I discovered your work when I was down in Austin for a conference. I was at a local art/design store admiring your prints there when the store manager said to me, 'there's actually a raffle for two of her prints!' So I entered and won the 44x22 print of Town Park Trees. It is so beautiful... I love it immensely!! Everyone that I invite into my sacred space always admires it with equal enthusiasm too!"

♦ "Judy, I'm in Toronto, Canada - your paintings are stunningly beautiful, so creative, stylized and artistic - I love them all but I'm a big sunflowers fan - they remind me of Tuscany and Hungary."

♦ "Thanks for sharing your vision. It makes my heart smile."

♦ "You are so talented, your Lucky in Love pieces are just beautiful! I wish I could afford the real pieces, but for now I am going to settle and buy the prints, I just must have them. You are truly blessed with the gift of art."

♦ "I have just recently discovered your art and I just wanted to tell you that I find it inspiring and uplifting. I watched your 'My Studio Today' clips on You Tube, and you are just so sweet and down to earth! I was wondering if you were going to do anymore contests on your Facebook page, I would LOVE a chance to win a piece of your work. Thank you."

♦ "Received my small Tree of Life print, which you so generously sent. Thank you so much! I had company when the mail arrived, and everyone admired the image. Inspiring!"